How Blu-ray Killed the Classics

We live in a time of change, everything is going from analog to digital; music, movies, books, even the technology used to film a picture—a move that producers like Rodriguez are trailblazing. We all know the benefits of these changes; with digital and HD technology movies are now clearer and more transportable than ever. But […]

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Russ Meyer: God of Cult

The Walt Disney of Porn. King Leer. The Fellini of the Sex Industry. Sexploitation flick extraordinaire Russ Meyer has quite the reputation. Little wonder why, sixty years after the release of his first film, he is finding new audiences and earning himself ‘cult’ status. There’s no formula for becoming a cult director, but every so […]

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The Russ Meyer Collection

On November 13, 2006, Arrow released The Russ Meyer Collection in the UK.  It’s an 18 film DVD box set. In February of 2011 I finally ordered one. Here’s my thoughts on each film in the collection. (UPDATE: Arrow released an updated version of the box set in October of 2011 which includes the film […]

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An Evening with Crispin Glover

At 7:00 pm on Saturday, April 24, 2010 I experienced what I’m sure will be the most memorable four hours of my life. The time spent in the presence of Crispin Glover at the Indianapolis Museum of Art while he read and showed excerpts from eight of his books, showed It is Fine! EVERYTHING IS […]

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