In a Family Way

Mom (20) sitting on a 1973 Chevy pickup in June of 1976.

As soon as my parents married, my mom was ready to start a family. After six months of trying, with no luck, she was getting frustrated.

Dad (18) with Drooper (6 weeks) in June of 1976.

My dad also wanted to start a family, but he felt that waiting a little while and saving some money would be a good idea.

Dad’s 1967 Z/28 Chevy Camaro in June of 1976.

Also, my dad was still driving his 1967 Z/28 Chevy Camaro with an 8-track blasting Led Zeppelin through the large speakers he’d installed.

Super Drooper Smith (6 weeks) in his homemade bed in June of 1976.

Super Drooper Smith (aka Drooper) was the first addition to the Smith family.

Drooper (6 weeks) in front of my parents mobile home in June of 1976.

In addition to having Drooper, my parents also relocated from an older apartment downtown to a newer mobile home on the edge of town.

The day my mom learned she was pregnant.

What I didn’t mention earlier is that my mom is one month pregnant in this photo. She actually found out she was expecting the day this photo was taken. Turns out, Uncle Dale and Aunt Ruby also had a little one on the way. My cousin, Carrie, was due the last week of January and I was due the last week of February.

Spoiler Alert: My birthday’s not in February.

By Justin

I was an only child.