Great Grandma Nellie

Dad (18) and Great Grandma Nellie (72) in June 1976.

Great Grandma Nellie was an important part of our lives. We’d make the three-hour drive to visit her on Christmas and other times throughout the year.

Great Grandma Nellie always had sugar cookies with icing and Nilla Wafers. A plastic bread bag held the sugar cookies and a cookie jar housed the endless supply of Nilla Wafers. For reasons I will never be able to explain Nilla Wafers were always the best at Great Grandma’s house. My cousins and I would spend hours staring at the green lava lamp on Great Grandma’s TV. That lava lamp would be the only thing I asked for years later when she passed away.

Everyone in the family loved Great Grandma Nellie, but I know my dad was especially close to her. Nellie’s husband, Great Grandpa Rude was also adored by the family and the community. He passed away before my parents got together, so neither my mom or I ever got to meet him. I’ve heard stories about how great he was and how the turnout for his funeral was the biggest that area had ever seen.

By Justin

I was an only child.