What I Learned from MOTEL HELL

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the film Motel Hell. Never trust a farmer who is known for the best meat around, especially if his pork doesn’t taste like any pork I’ve ever tried. As soon as I saw that Farmer Vincent had the best meat around, I knew where he was getting it. However, […]

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Fungus Among Us

That, is a big fungus. I don’t know what it’s called. The wife probably knows, but she’s in the other room reading a book and I’m not going to interrupt that. But really, does it matter? Because, LOOK AT THAT FUNGUS!!! It’s huge! And look how it hangs there so majestic, so pure, so, flat […]

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The Legend of Hell House

“The house tried to kill me, it almost succeeded.” Movies come into my life in many ways: recommendations from friends, critic’s reviews, studio marketing, or just plain dumb luck. The Legend of Hell House (1973) came to my attention in the form of audio samples on Skinny Puppy’s 1985 album, Bites. Their music often deals […]

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Kids and the Cinema

I don’t always agree with the ratings assigned to films by the MPAA, but as a parent I question the sanity and judgement of someone who takes their 8-year-old to an R-rated film. I know, I know, we all snuck into an R-rated film or two as youngsters. I remember telling my parents I was […]

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